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CA-Specific Practice Resources

    SHRM provides monthly updates on recent court case decisions and legislative developments that every California HR professional needs to know.
    HR Knowledge Center
    SHRM has certified and seasoned CA-Certified HR practitioners to answer your specific questions and give clear advice to help you and your company thrive in a complex HR landscape.

    The SHRM California Learning System is more than a comprehensive study guide for the PHR-CA/SPHR-CA certification exams; it's a resource you can tap into daily. Designed for HR professionals working in and with the state of California, this program covers relevant employment laws, rules and regulations and the policies and practices necessary to ensure compliance with them.
    Experience what your California HR peers already know:
    "SHRM helps me stay on top of the endless compliance changes in California so I can create better policies that benefit not only my company, but also our employees. Plus, I feel confident that SHRM will be there to not only answer my questions completely, but leave me feeling knowledgeable on the topic."
    Shelly Irvine
    Human Resource Manager 
    Newport Beach, California
    Member since 2009